COVID-19 Announcements

March 25, 2020

Greetings Scherer Bros. Contractors:

Today, Gov. Tim Walz announced a state wide “Shelter-in-Place” order. As it relates to our industry, Section 6 article X deems construction an essential part of the infrastructure and therefore you will continue to build.  As part of this order contractors and affiliated industries which supply products and manufacture goods specifically for construction will also remain operational. 

For Scherer Bros., it is business as usual with a few minor modifications.  Beginning on Monday, please only come to Scherer Bros. locations to pick up materials which have been already ordered.  Our doors will be locked for access to our sales centers.  Please contact, via email or telephone, your salesperson or our sale centers at 612.379.9633 to place orders in advance.  We will note the yard where you will be picking up the material for you and will have the orders prepared for when you arrive.  If they are not ready when you get to our store, please be patient and we will have available for you shortly.  Pick-up instructions will be noted in a future posting and announcement both on the website and will also be emailed out to you from our database and/or your salesperson.  We still prefer to deliver if you plan ahead. 

While this is a departure from our normal service, we do wish to minimize contact so as to do our part to maintain proper social distancing and also to protect our team and yours.  We will continue to make adjustments to these processes as we learn more and as might be necessary to improve.  Please be patient and remember that this is also new for us.  Also note, our showrooms will be closed  until such time as the Governor’s order expires or is lifted.  Visits to the showroom would be a direct violation and a violation in spirit of the order.  Please visit our website for any selections which may need to be made or for product information. 

 We are grateful for your continued support and our ongoing business and personal relationships.  Please share your stories and let us know what you are seeing in the market.  We are here to help you and look forward to many more years of building together.  Please remember we have survived a depression, recessions, floods, fire, strife, shortages, booms and busts…we will make it through this too.

 Stay healthy and be well,

Mark Scherer
COO Scherer Bros. Lumber Co

March 21, 2020

As the COVED-19 story unfolds, I wanted to update you directly regarding recent changes in what I’m calling Scherer Bros. Social Distancing Customer Service.

Scherer Bros. Sales Centers set up markings to create personal distance between customers and employees. Our production colleagues are developing procedures to receive tickets, fill orders, and load material with minimal personal interaction with customers.

Brooklyn Park Manufacturing shall remain open for will-call pickups, but non-employees are not allowed in the building.  Informational signs are posted on doors including a phone number to call. When the material is ready to load, you or your employee will be notified, and the material will be presented at the drive-up overhead door.  Please place your order before arriving either by calling or visiting one of our retail sites.

For all deliveries to occupied homes, the product will be placed in the garage or nearest secured location.  Scherer Bros. drivers and helpers are not allowed in occupied homes. 

For deliveries to houses under construction, material shall be delivered as usual unless the driver has a concern with the number of people working at the site or another issue.  Our driver shall call their dispatcher to figure the next steps, which may be leaving the product in an alternate location or returning it to SBL.

Window Service at occupied homes and the Brooklyn Park facility is suspended until further notice. Service at unoccupied homes shall continue with limitations.

Please place orders via phone or through electronic means as opposed to visiting a Scherer Bros. location whenever possible. Please know that we would love to see you, but it is prudent to minimize our direct physical interactions.

Scherer Bros. has serviced our customers through the depression, recessions, floods, fire, strife, shortages, booms, and busts.  We will all get through this latest challenge because we work together and look out for one another. 

With highest regards,

Mark Scherer
COO Scherer Bros. Lumber Co

March 16, 2020

As concern surrounding COVID-19 grows, I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you directly.

The well-being and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, and the center of every decision.

As conditions unfold, Scherer Bros. will be making adjustments to our processes and procedures. Even so, know we are here for you now and tomorrow as we have been in the past.

While I do not expect significant interruptions in the services we provide, it is possible that staffing could be impacted if employees stay home due to exposure or to care for their families. Please be patient with us should this happen.

The vast majority of business between us can be done over the phone or through electronic means. I strongly encourage this approach during these times.

I am instructing Scherer Bros. employees to avoid non-essential contact with customers or vendors. Please know that we would love to see you, but it is prudent to minimize our direct physical interactions.

If you need to come to any SBL location, we welcome you; however, if you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, please call instead… we will deliver!

Your business, Scherer Bros., and all our associates are resilient. Together we will get through this, and whatever comes next.

With highest regards,

Mark Scherer COO

Scherer Bros. Lumber Co