Employee Announcements

March 25-2020

Greetings all:  Governor Walz just announced a Shelter-in-Place order effective 11:59pm on Friday for the State of Minnesota.  Consistent with other states decrees, construction is deemed a necessary part of the infrastructure and therefore exempt from this order.  This means that we are still fully operational as long as our customers have a need for our products and services.  We will all know more once we have the written order in place, but for the time being, it appears that we will be allowed to continue operations…with a few modifications.

We will do our part and must be conscious of proper social distancing guidelines and remain practical.  Some functions can be done effectively at home…please discuss with your manager and we will do our best to accommodate the shelter in place order and stay operational.  Other jobs will require continued reporting to your location; our goal is to provide social distancing, and a safe environment for all of you.  Also, beginning Monday, 3/30/2020, in the morning, we will no longer place “in person” sales orders at the sales centers.  All will-calls will be generated before a customer’s arrival, and they will proceed as directed to gather their tickets and material.  Nicole Beckman and Brian Schuette have worked through the details on this and will be shared shortly.  Also, we, as mentioned previously, will not be conducting in-home window service requests.  We need to minimize contact with the outside, yet still provide materials and services necessary to our customers.  Please discourage, to the point of being obnoxious, our customers from coming to our stores.  Electronic or telephone communication is still best.  For the time being, I understand that this is different and perhaps even difficult for some customers. Still, it is essential that they understand and adjust so that we can protect our coworkers and not be responsible for community transmission. 

These are challenging times, and I appreciate everything you do to remain healthy and to support Scherer Bros., our customers, and the industry.  As John Zitur has noted, we have survived a depression, recessions, floods, fire, strife, shortages, booms, and busts…we will make it through this too. 

Be healthy and stay well,

Mark Scherer


March 23. 2020

If you have cold or flu symptoms – Stay Home and call your supervisor and John Zitur at 612.627.0840.

 Otherwise, report in as usual. 

 Thanks for being part of Scherer Bros.!